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Champagne: The New Trend?

For years, champagne has been an acquired taste; many have a bad impression when they first taste champagne, wines of such high-acidity were unfamiliar to the palettes of Chinese. However, champagne has turned into an icon of chic and trendy lifestyle under the strong influence of marketing campaigns sponsored by major champagne wineries. In recent years, people have better understanding of champagnes, more outstanding champagnes become available in the market, and wine lovers have higher expectations. In the past, most champagnes were made sweet to cover their flaws and making them more acceptable to taste. No one has ever aged champagne, let alone the idea of Late Disgorgement etc. Now there are champagnes of extended maturity: Dom P2, Bollinger RD, Krug Collection and so on, and people are more accepting of the taste of champagne maturation. When drinking champagne, most people use slender champagne flutes, yet from champagne wineries to experienced drinkers, white wine glasses or specially designed champagne glasses are preferred. The only advantage of a champagne flute is that it displays bubbles beautifully but it cannot give full play to the aroma of champagne. Hence we recommend opting for other glasses and by making the change, you may be able to discover a whole different charm in that top grade champagne in your wine cellar. So forget about the bubbles; enjoy them as if they are exquisite white wines, it is never awkward to drink with a large Burgundy glass. And put away the flutes, they are not used even in annual champagne carnivals.

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