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Change and Permanence

Trends change fast in wine just like the fashion industry. Predictions are made every year on the upcoming trend. What wines and areas would be up next, prosecco, rosé, cointreau, natural wine, or organic wine? It might be Shiraz this year and Hermitage the other. Yet, just like fashion, some are timeless classics. Bordeaux wine is an all-time favorite and undoubted choice among the local middle class. More devoted enthusiasts would pursue the specialty wines of Bourgogne. Whether it is fashion or wine, these trends are very regional. For instance, rosé has long been popular in France, yet it did not raise much interest in Hong Kong until Provence was featured as the annual theme one year at Le French May. One difference between the wine and the fashion world is that when a producing area becomes popular, people do not necessarily forego their favorites of the previous seasons. Instead they would simply put them in their wine treasury and taste them in due course. This is how wine fascinates people. Some days ago I tasted some 2000 and 2017 port vintage, of which I could not fully understand the taste back then like I do now.

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