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Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk

Remember the first glass of wine that amazed you? The memory may be fresh like it was yesterday. The actual taste may be forgotten, but the excited and heart-racing feeling stays. It may be this palpitation that you start to fully devote in the world of wine, hoping to relive the sensation. You look for another "first glass" in the sea of wine, and begin to train your taste buds to pick up delicate notes with wines from Bordeaux to Burgundy, then to the Rhone; between Barolo, Barbaresco and Brunello of Italy; from the most renowned, listed wines of many centuries, kings, queens, to the newly established, unknown new wineries; from mass production to cult wines of only several thousands or even hundreds in annual productions, as if you would drink up the last drop of wine in the world.

It turns out that the world of wine is beyond our imagination. It may be possible to find another wine, or even one after another that surprises you. And now when we return to our "first glass”? That wine, which used to amaze you so much, no longer excites you. It may be because you have now sailed the sea of wine and encountered a lot of fine wines, or maybe after some years, that bottle of wine is now different from when you first sipped it. Drinking wine is fun as so many factors can affect its taste, not to mention the changes as years passed. After the bottle is opened, it can be very impressive if drank at the right time. If drank too early, the aroma may not be released and tannins are sour and astringent; if too late, the aroma may be scattered, and you don't even want to drink it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine its best drinking time and can only be judged by experience and luck to see if it is at its best.

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