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Fascinating Grower Champagne 6/6香檳之旅:小農香檳之美 6/6

Emmanuel Brochet is the first generation Champagne grower. In 1997, he took over the family parcels in the 1er cru village of Villers-auxNoeuds when the last lease to the land had expired. His first vintage sold under his own name is 2003.

Based in Montagne de Reims, Emmanuel farms 2.5ha of vines all within the lieu-dit (single vineyard) of Le Mont Benoit, the east-facing hillside parcel and made of clay & limestone over chalksoil. All three of the principal Champagne varietals are planted with the oldest section at the top of the slope planted uniquely to Meunier and Chardonnay which dated back to 1962.

In 2011, the estate was certified organic though Emmanuel has farmed for the last 10 years without any chemicals. While he doesn’t believe that organic viticulture will always necessarily result in better wine, he does it out of respect for the land. Emmanuel’s theme is pleasure: he wants to work in the vineyards, and in the cellar with pleasure. Brochet wants to pay attention to every detail in the production of his Champagnes. His concept is very simple, “put the good juice in barrel and you will have good wines”.

Emmanuel currently produces three distinct wines: Le Mont Benoit, Haut Chardonnay and Les Hauts Meunier. His wines are very pure and showing minerality combined with ripeness and great pleasure, with beautiful acidity.

Emmanuel Brochet是第一代葡萄農香檳釀酒師。1997年,當最後一份葡萄園租賃合約到期後,他接管了Villers-aux-Noeuds 1er cru村的家族葡萄園。他以自己的名字釀造葡萄酒,出售的第一個年份是2003年。

總部位於Montagne de Reims,Emmanuel在Le Mont Benoit單一葡萄園內種植了2.5公頃的葡萄藤,都是面向東方的山坡上的優秀區塊上,土壤由粘土和石灰岩組成表土,底層為白堊質土。所有主要的香檳葡萄品種都種植在最古老的部分,而在斜坡的最頂部份種植獨特的Pinot Meunier和Chardonnay,可追溯至1962年。


Emmanuel目前生產三款不同的香檳:Le Mont Benoit、Haut Chardonnay和Les Hauts Meunier。他的香檳非常純淨,展現礦石風味,結合成熟的果香和釀酒所傾注的樂趣,再加上美妙的酸度。

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