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Gazing at Stars in the Darkest Skies

When Christopher Nolan focuses on depicting ordinary people in film "Dunkirk", the evacuation is a small hurdle in Winston Churchill's political career. Using a different angle on the same historical event, the movie "Darkest Hour" portrays Churchill's imminent order during World War II, and his contribution to the Dunkirk evacuation. The plot of the film is undoubtedly well-knitted, but what catch my attention the most is his wines. There is a scene when Churchill is appointed Prime Minister and one of the cabinet members complains that Churchill “wakes up to a glass of whisky every morning, a bottle of champagne at lunch, then another with his evening meal, followed by port. How can we put our country in the hands of an alcoholic?” It is well known that Churchill loves Pol Roger Champagne and he drinks a bottle for lunch and dinner daily. He even names one of his racehorses after it. So how much champagne did he drink throughout his life? A rough estimate is no less than 30,000 bottles. What a surprising amount! Watching Churchill drinks his champagne, I cannot help but take out a bottle of vintage champagne from my cabinet and start sipping with him. In the dark, I can see stars twinkling so lively and shiny in the glass. Whether it is in a dark room, or even during those darkest hours in history, it is always worthwhile to have a glass of stars to lift up our hope.

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