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Life As You Define It

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Recently there are an increasing number of equipped enthusiasts. This is based on the old saying that “good tools are prerequisite to the success of a job”. Hence the most important thing is to be fully equipped with the new, chic, high-tech... So they can look professional at a glance. In the case of wine appreciation, the core equipment is wine glass. I used to think crystal wine glass has minimal impact on taste despite looking elegant and feeling good. It was until later when I realized the design of crystal glass helps to concentrate the aroma of wine, and our sense of taste is often guided by the sense of smell (although no wine glass can help with a stuffed nose). Earlier in a live broadcast, I arranged a simple Glass Tasting for a guest. The guest was not a wine lover but a straightforward entrepreneur. In front of him, I poured the same bottle of red wine into 2 different glasses of similar price. Both are professionally designed and made with crystal glass, while one of them is patented for its breathability feature. I often refer to this design as a "magnifying glass for aroma" (friends who watched my live broadcasts would haven known). His reaction was remarkable. He smelled the red wine in one glass first, and then did the same in the one with patented design. He looked at me, surprised, and asked, "Are they from the same bottle of wine?", “Are they REALLY the same wine?" for 4 to 5 times, as if I was a magician and swapped the bottles unnoticed. Luckily, the live broadcast can be revisited anytime to spot any flaws in my “trick”. After explaining, the guest was amazed at the design and craftsmanship of the glass. Needless to say, he bought a set of two patented glasses after the broadcast to share with his wife, saying "this is the ideal life." Please visit: #Sommthing #Sommelier #Wine #crystal #wineglass #price #breathability #smell #Pleasure #Whisky #Sparkling #ideallife #FineDining #grapes #winelovers #威士忌 #烈酒 #hongkonger #hklifestyle #vineyard #whiskycollector #champagne #cellar #hk #Bourgogne #buyonline #gift #fastdelivery #shopping #drinkers

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