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The Land Shortage Problem

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The lack of land supply problem in Hong Kong is significant. Such problem also exists in wine industry. With increasing demand and the expanding wine market, production from many wineries may not be sufficient. In some high-quality production areas, such as the Champagne region of France, Bourgogne or Barolo in Italy, land that is suitable for growing grapes is limited, what can be developed has already been developed and the price of buying vineyards in the area has already far surpassed their values. Even if large corporations have intention to buy, there are no sellers. The land for grapes growing cannot be made by removing mountains or reclamation. Therefore, many wineries have been developing out of the land they are most familiar with. Some have gone to other undeveloped areas in the same country, and some traveled across continents to explore potential land for grape growing and winemaking. Many wineries even choose to develop new projects in the New World, hoping to produce wines in the new areas with their experience and reputation in the Old World. This is a very long term investment and may not generate results in ten or eight years. For instance, Bodega Poesia area of Argentina was developed by Hélène Garcin-Lévêque of Clos l'Eglise in Pomerol, France, twenty years ago.

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