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Wine and Food Pairing

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Sommeliers are obsessed with pairing wine and food. If the two go well together, the dining experience would definitely be unforgettable, and it would never be complete if the best dishes are not matched with the right wines. There are different theories as to what makes the best combination. However, whether it is the Ingredient Theory of matching "red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat", or the Taste Theory of pairing based on sauces, there are imperfections, and it is not uncommon to make adjustments to food in order to accommodate the wines. Such adjustments can of course uplift the dining experience, and it is also very important to the restaurant. Yet in my opinion, this task is better left to the sommeliers.

It would be more practical to enjoy wine tasting at home, with several simple principles to follow but not be too persistent. With a smaller group of people dining at home, it is not necessary to complement each dish with wine. A bottle of champagne, a medium-structured white or a light red wine would be enough to meet daily needs. It is more satisfying to enjoy wine and simple dishes with a light-heart; a restaurant can be the best of its kind yet still be not enjoyable if it is not comfortable. The best thing about dining in, despite the wines, is to gather with friends. Some may like to Bring Your Own Bottle when dining out, which I rarely do so in Hong Kong, as I feel in safe hands with our professional sommeliers and enjoy the meal as a diner.

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