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Nothing is Absolute

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Sometimes I feel that some wine drinkers are obsessed with upholding certain principles, such as vintage years, ways of decanting, how to open tin foils, how long to breathe before the wines are consumed, and touching the bottle without caution would be enraging. Some may insist on using the right glass, choosing only mature wines... the list goes on. Thinking back, there were times when I was just as paranoid, but with the accumulation of wine drinking experience (i.e. getting old), the more wines I tried over the years and more rules broken, I no longer uphold those principles. The purpose of drinking wine is to be happy, and when I look back, I once opened a 2000 Golden Goat and was said to be “murdering a baby”. That was a serious accusation, yet its young texture, fruitful taste with slight bitterness, and clean-cut character was quite an unforgettable experience. In times, there would be less fun if we have too many shackles in wine appreciation. Who says you can’t open that 2015 Bordeaux, or the 2012 one which was said to be worthless. At the end, one can only discover the truth by experiencing on their own, or, taking the risk “with their tongues”.

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